Training gear

Unlike most clubs KMSD (NW) doesn't insist students wear a uniform but rather they should feel free to wear whatever clothing items they like (footwear exception, see below). The clothing you choose to wear, should where possible reflect the clothing you wear everyday. Its no good practicing your high kicks in class wearing loose fitting martial arts pants if you then wear skinny jeans in the street. Remember this is Krav Maga; self defence for the real world.

Its also the same for the training equipment, we don't enforce students to wear it but we do recommend it, forearms pads, groin guard and gloves in particular, five minutes of blocking and you'll understand what we mean and on one wants to turn up for work the next day with bruises on their arms. Of course you could ask your partner to strike a little softer... but then again you could also try an alternative self defence system.

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Krav Maga T-Shirt


KMSD Polo Shirt


KMSD T-Shirt


Krav Maga Trousers




Tiberius Tactical Trousers



Krav Maga Self Defence Grading Patches & Passport Booklets

Patches £2.99

Booklets £1.99


Gents Groin Guard


Ladies Groin Guard


Forearm Pads


Shin & Instep Pads


Elbow Pads


Knee Pads


Leather MMA Gloves



Leather Bag Gloves



Essential Training Knife


Essential Training Baton


Essential Non-Flexible Glock 17


The only restriction we have is with regards to training shoes and as such we ask that all trainers are smooth soled training shoes such as aerobic or gym shoes. Shoes with a substantial sole or a heavy grip pattern such as cross trainers are not permitted on the mats and you will be asked to train in your socks!

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